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Defeating Burglars with Crash & Smash Protection by Double D.

“Crash and Smash!” That’s not the sound of your bathroom vase falling to the floor or your kids playing video games in the living room. It is the sound of danger — a burglar invading your home, intent on stealing your hard-earned possessions. Sound scary? It should and this is why our Crash & Smash Protection for homeowners and business owners like you is the best out there.

The Bad News: What Is “Crash and Smash”?

Whenever you’re away from home, the burglars will go to play. Crashing through your back door away from the neighbor’s eye. Of course, he/she knows there is an armed alarm somewhere nearby that is waiting to go off unless it’s disarmed by a passcode in the next few seconds.

If an alarm is not disarmed, the siren sounds after about 30 seconds and the intruder responds by smashing the alarm before the monitoring center or an outsider becomes aware of the break-in. The burglar then unravels his/her ‘shopping bag’ and takes whatever seems valuable.

This is not a hypothetical scenario, it is referred to as a “Crash and Smash” attack; a dramatic experience that many homeowners have had to endure.

The Good News: Our Crash & Smash protection

As revealed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), four burglaries happen every minute in the United States. In 2010 alone, there were 2 million burglaries; 28% of which had a household member present during the break-in. The victims of these immoral acts lost, in total, merchandise worth over $4.6 billion; with the average household losing $2,119.

Many security systems today are designed to have a brief delay before going off to give homeowners the opportunity to disarm the alarm before the monitoring center is notified. This is in order to limit the frequency of false alarms and unnecessary emergency responses. However, this 30-second delay plays a significant role in whether or not you end up $2,119 poorer.

The good news is, with our revolutionary Crash & Smash Protection system, property-owners can finally eliminate weaknesses in their security system and defend themselves against burglars. So let’s take a brief look at some of the benefits of having this system in your home:

  • Reduced Frequency of False Alarms
  • Safer and More Secure Home
  • Fast Control Panel Destruction Detection
  • All-in-one monitoring station integration

How Does Crash & Smash Protect Homeowners or Business Owners?

Let’s reinvent the scenario from the “Crash and Smash” attack above but this time with our Crash & Smash Protection:

1. The burglar crashes through your back door away from your neighbor’s view.

2. He/she then locates the control panel before the siren goes off; smashes it; and then starts filling the ‘shopping bag’ with valuable items in-house.

Only this time the police are alerted and arrive on scene; after retrieving the stolen items and returning them to you, they then escort the criminal to a cell far away from your home thanks to our Crash & Smash Protection.

How is this possible? Immediately after the break-in, our Network Operations Center received a special ‘Entry Delay’ message from the GSM Radio in the security control panel. In an attempt to prevent a false alarm the central station waits for a disarm message. After waiting for a ‘Disarm’ message that was not delivered, the operation center alerts the central station about a possible Crash & Smash attack at your home. The central station then alerts the police who rush off to arrest the culprit.

We depend on our homes to protect us, shield us from natural disasters and keep us warm when it’s cold out. There however comes a time when it is up to us to protect our home. Our Crash & Smash Protection is here to help you.

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