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A Property Crime occurs every 3.4 seconds*

Sobering statistic isn't it? In the time it took you to read this, another crime against property occurred. Other statistics:

  • One Murder every 34.5 minutes
  • One Violent Crime every 23.9 seconds
  • One Forcible Rape every 6 minutes
  • One Aggravated Assault every 39.1 seconds
  • One Robbery every 1.2 minutes
  • One Crime Index Offense every 2.8 seconds
  • One Burglary every 14.3 seconds
  • One Larceny-theft every 5 seconds

Source: FBI Crime Clock

The Solution: A Foundation of Defense

At the core of every Double D. Security, LLC System design are yard signs and window decals, perimeter protection and interior protection. Let a Double D. Security Life Safety Consultant provide you with a free security analysis. Our highly-trained specialists will review your premises and recommend the best security system for your needs.

The Technology

So just how does Double D. Security, LLC protect your home or business from intrusion? Double D. Security, LLC uses state-of-the-art devices that constantly monitor your premises for intrusion, such as door contacts at entry points and interior monitoring with motion detectors:


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